SVN/bash: find all files committed by a specific user starting from a particular revision

For a last few days I have completly forgotten to update a list of modified files which are currently in repository but still awaiting to be uploaded on a production server.

It took me a while to figure out how to fast and easily get from SVN (with a little help of bash).

So here it is:

svn log -v -r 1000:HEAD | awk '/^r[0-9]+ / {user=$3} /project_dir/ {if (user=="mfikus") {print $2}}' | sort | uniq

Where 1000 is a revision number (or alternativly you can provide a date, {2011-09-08}), /project_dir/ is a dir name of project in which you are looking for changes and of course mfikus is a user name.

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